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Is VPNSecure Good for Iphone?

VPNSecure is one of the best VPN services, with its own clients, devices. This service is considered one of the best, along with ExpressVPN in terms of speed. VPNSecure can be downloaded on iPhone and Android, laptop and PC. In this review, we will tell you how VPNSecure is good, how to use it and download it to an iPhone?

VPNSecure Features and Features

This service provides a global network of world-class, with more than 50 active servers. These servers are located in 41 countries across all continents around the world. This list includes Great Britain and Japan, India, and Spain, Germany, and France.

VPNSecure connects the user device to the servers using the OpenVPN and SSH SOCKS protocols. The program uses two types of key encryption: 128-bit and 256-bit.

Is VPNSecure safe for my data?

This program works no worse than the best VPN servers in the world. The program does not use magazines to record Internet activity. As a matter of fact, it does not record your Internet activity at all, so only you know which sites you visited during your last visit to the Internet.

Using an HTTP proxy and without limiting bandwidth and switching, the program provides you with complete freedom of action.

Additional advantages

With Smart DNS, you can even get around these annoying geographic restrictions that block Hulu and other sites. In addition, unlike other VPN services, which claim that they do not maintain logs, VPNSecure proudly assures that no logs are maintained (ZERO logs). With VPNSecure, you get a cross-platform VPN that you can trust and pleases you with its perfect features:

  • Сopes with blocking any country.
  • Professionally disguises and hides data from hackers.
  • Closes your IP address from observations.
  • Promotes the use of torrent trackers.
  • Supports connection immediately with 5 devices.
  • Provides you with a choice of Data Cipher
  • Reliably disguises traffic due to Stealth VPN.
  • Does not save or log your sessions
  • Includes 50+ servers in dozens of countries
  • Protects against DNS leaks, disconnect protection

Of particular note is the Smarter DNS option. This tool provides access to restricted resources that can only be visited as a resident of a country or by subscribing. For example, if you want to visit your favorite Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, Pandora or BBC, then you do not need to use a proxy. It’s enough to use VPNSecure to visit your favorite resources.

Is it safe to install this on an iPhone?

VPNSecure is very easy to install on any device: from PC to iOS. It is suitable for portable and stationary devices, including smartphones and tablets. Even routers such as DD-WRT and Tomato can use this service. For security and user support, there is an effective and efficient support service. You can contact her through a chatbot or email.

The service offers several subscription plans: month, six months and a year. Practice shows that the longer the subscription, the more profitable it is to buy. Also, in addition, you can buy extended plans for proxies and DNS for a month.

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