McAfee LifeSafe And Why You Should Go For It

McAfee LifeSafe And Why You Should Go For It?

In this review, we are going to discuss whether the is McAfee livesafe any good or not. To do so, we are going to compare it with McAfee Total Protection. The products are very similar, and at the same time, they have some crucial differences. On the main portal of each product, when you first open it, you can see that they have the same features. The McAfee LifeSafe security, identity and privacy settings are the same, even from the layout and the portal perspective. If you click up on the gearbox, you get general settings, alerts and quarantined items. Under PC security, you see real-time scanning, firewall, the automatic update schedule scans and vulnerability scanner. All these features are similar in both products. Under identity, you can find the anti-spam, the McAfee WebAdvisor and Shredder, again precisely the same. Privacy consists of three features: parental controls, QuickClean and File Lock. You can see from the gear drop-down that not only the portal looks the same, but almost all characteristics are similar. There are only a couple of differences we will discuss in the next part of our review.

Main peculiarities to take into account

Now we are going to give a comparison of the home tab and PC security tab. In identity tabs, you have got Anti-Spam and the Mac Webadvisor in both products. Also, you can see on the same page the File Lock, My Network Settings, Removing Cookies and Crackers. The differences are in the subproducts that are offered by McAfee. If you go to the tab called Version in McAfee LiveSafe, you will see the 17.4 version. For the McAfee Total Protection, it is 17.2. The same thing happens with the Virus Scans. For the McAfee LiveSafe, the virus is 21.4 and 21.2 for Total Protection. It looks like the products are running on slightly different versions and builds of the products. The products from the Engine Version is 3439.0 are the same for both antiviruses. It means that both products are working on the same engines that have all the different virus definitions and other characteristics. To conclude the similarities, we can mention that both products have:

● Award-winning Antivirus (VirusScan),
● Safe Web Browsing (WebAdvisor),
● Parental Controls,
● Password Manager,
● Firewall and Anti-Spam,
● Multi-Device Protection,
● Shredder and QuickClean,
● File Lock Encrypted Storage,
● Free Support.

Three main differences you have to take into account are:

  1. The LifeSafe includes a cloud storage product called Personal Locker,
  2. LifeSafe can be used for an unlimited number of devices, while Total Protection can be purchased for either 1,5 or 10 devices,
  3. The two products seem to run on the same Engine, but different versions and builds.

Our final verdict

You have to consider two main things before buying the product. These two features are the cloud storage and the number of devices you would like to protect. If you need cloud storage, then you have to purchase the LifeSafe since it comes with a Personal Locker which is your cloud storage. Nevertheless, if you already have one, like Onedrive or Dropbox, this characteristic will not be essential for you. Another thing to consider is how many devices you are protecting. If it is more than 10, then the Total Protecting will be better for you.

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