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Webroot Antivirus

Webroot Antivirus Internet Security RatingThere aren’t many reviews about Webroot Antivirus from independent test labs. However, the Webroot Antivirus rating is rather high based on reviews from users and bloggers. On average, it gets 4.3 from 5. Is it worth your attention? Let’s get to know more about the software and decide.

User-friendliness and navigation

It’s very easy to download and install the program. The software is light and compatible with all Windows versions, including the old ones like Vista. After the installation, a user gets a simple design, intuitive navigation, and a web console. The latter requires additional registration. However, it’s a convenient utility that provides extra control features.

Scanning options Webroot offers

Webroot Antivirus has basic scanning which checks all files for viruses and malware. Aside from that, users may pick the quick scan, the full scan, the deep scan. The latter is used to search for rootkits, Trojans, and other threats. The select scan allows checking certain files or folders. Using this software, users get to find and remove PUA. Potentially unwanted applications contain ads, unnecessary tools, etc. Webroot manages to find and delete these elements efficiently.

Features one should take into account

In addition to the basic protection, the software delivers a selection of additional features like:1. Web protection. The program offers Web Shield Filtering that automatically gets to users’ Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. The moment it detects suspicious activity or website, a user gets a notification. However, keep in mind that the quality of this feature is not very high. The shield fails to detect some threats or phishing sites.2. Backup and sync. Webroot Antivirus offers a full-fledged utility with 25 Gb data to back up files or to perform synchronization of the essential files, folders, etc. 3. USB protection feature scans all USB devices for potential threats. In case this antivirus detects something, the device won’t work with the OS.4. Real-Time protection blocks threats non-stop to maintain smooth and safe performance.5. A password manager comes as a part of the bundle. It works not only on PCs but on smartphones and tablets, allowing users to access the data anytime.

Prices and trial options

Webroot Antivirus offers annual plans for up to 3 devices that run on Windows or Mac OS. It’s rather affordable, costing about $30 per year. This price tag could get better if a user opts for longer plans. Aside from that, users may pick a 14-day free trial version. It doesn’t require a credit card. One can test all the features and decide if the services meet the expectations, needs, preferences.

Everything to know about customer support

The company offers a knowledge database with articles covering various topics, PDF-files with guides, and tutorial videos. There’s also the users’ forum called Webroot Community. Here one can find users’ discussions of certain related themes and mixed facts. Using tickets, one can send a request to the support team. However, Webroot doesn’t seem to have live chat support. Yet, it’s quite responsive and allows communicating with a dedicated manager in case additional questions related to the original issue appear.

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